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Fibre Up: What You Need to Know About Email Services

At Fibre Up, we’re focused on delivering high-quality and great-value internet services with no frills or add-ons. As a result, we do not currently offer email mailboxes. However, we recommend two simple options for your basic email needs.

Option 1: Free Gmail or Outlook Mailbox

For basic, hassle-free home use, we recommend users make the switch to a free Gmail or Outlook mailbox. These free email services have many benefits over the basic mailboxes traditionally supplied by ISPs.

Option 2: Keep Your Telstra or Bigpond Email Service

If you have an existing Telstra or Bigpond email service and would like to keep that mailbox and access that mailbox from a Pentanet service, then we recommend making sure that your email client is configured per Telstra/Bigpond’s instructions.

You may also need to troubleshoot your email issues and ensure that your device is set up correctly. Check out the following links provided by Telstra for assistance:

  1. Troubleshooting email issues:
  2. Setting up email for Apple devices:
  3. Setting up email for your phone or tablet (not Apple product):
  4. Setting up Telstra Mail on computer video:

Keeping a Telstra Email Address after Closing an Account

If you’d like to keep your Telstra email address after closing your Telstra account, be sure to let Telstra know when you close the account. It’s free to keep for the first 12 months after you cease to be a Telstra customer. After that, it’s $79 a year. For more information, check out the Critical Information Summary on Paid Email (PDF 53KB) provided by Telstra.

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