The internet is a big part of our modern everyday lives, and at Fibre Up we believe that everyone deserves access to fast and easy-to-use internet with great customer support.

At Fibre Up we pride ourselves on offering the best and simplest internet connection for our customers so that they can always stay connected.

How we connect

Whether you’re wanting to check your emails, watch TV online or stay connected with friends and family on social media, our easy-to-use internet plan and affordable pricing cannot be beaten.

Call Family & Friends

Call your family & friends anywhere in the world for free using Skype™ or FaceTime

Access Websites

Browse the internet, purchase items, download digital books, and much more

Watch TV

Watch TV shows or movies using streaming TV services (Netflix, Stan, ABC, Channels 7, 9, 10 etc)

Listent to Music

Listen to any music you like, when you link with services like iTunes or Spotify

Listen to Radio

Hear streaming radio from your favourite channels like ABC & SBS News Radio

News & Social Media

Keep up with what the grandkids are doing on Facebook, or read the news

Affordable Internet

How much does it cost?

Whether you use the internet a little or a lot our Easy Plan has you covered. For just $46 per month, you’ll get all the benefits of a similar Telco plan costing $80 per month.

To begin using Fibre Up Internet, there is a one-off fee of $130 for the cost of your new Wi-Fi router. 


No connection fee. $46 per month, unlimited data allowance; $130 one off charge for router; minimum charge in a 24-month contract: $1,219.50*.

*Total for the 24-month Easy Plan + Router

If you enter a fixed-term contract and cancel or choose to move to new premises during the term, early termination fees (ETF) are applicable.

The following termination charges apply;
19-24 months –  $500 
13-18 months  – $350
7-12 months – $250
1-6 months – $200
(Months remaining in the contract term)

To facilitate connectivity, you will require a router, however, we do not provide technical support for a BYO router. Our router prices start from $130. Our team will program the router for you prior to installation, enabling you to achieve immediate internet connectivity once the installation is complete.

Our Install Team will position a small receiver dish on your roof that talks to our network via a transmission tower located on Village grounds. We will connect the antenna to your router via a data point or direct cable connection within your premises.

Fibre Up is only available if your premises have a line of sight to our tower. You can check availability by contacting our Sales Team on 1300 001 294.

Invoices are issued monthly via email and are payable two (2) weeks after each bill. The figures in the Pricing Summary are for a full billing cycle (being the calendar month). Any extra charges that were added during the previous billing period will appear on your next bill.

Your bills will be sent to the email address nominated on your service application and payment is debited directly from a credit card or bank account.

We now also offer a direct debit payment option GoCardless to our customers for automatic monthly payments from a nominated credit card.

To enquire about our GoCardless payment option, or to update your details, plase contact our team on 1300 001 294 or email info@fibreup.com.au during business hours, Monday to Friday.