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Affordable Internet

How much does it cost?

Whether you use the internet a little or a lot, Fibre Up has you covered. Our Easy Plan gives you all the benefits of a similar Telco plan costing $80 per month. For those who use the internet more seriously, our Plus Plan provides great value.

To begin using Fibre Up Internet there is a one-off fee for the cost of your new Wi-Fi router. Call us or enquire today for our current prices.

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Find your perfect plan

Not sure which internet plan is right for you? Our Plan Wizard is here to help! Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll recommend the best plan tailored to your needs. Get started now and enjoy seamless connectivity with Fibre Up.

The Sky's The Limit

How it works

No matter what your level of computer knowledge is, our installation process is always simple and hassle-free.

Once you sign up for your new service, we’ll install a receiver on your roof and a Wi-Fi router in your home. Then you’ll have a fast and reliable internet connection with unlimited data to use.

We help you enjoy the things you want

FibreUp makes it easier to:

Call Family & Friends

Call your family & friends anywhere in the world for free using Skype™ or FaceTime

Access Websites

Browse the internet, purchase items, download digital books, and much more

Watch TV

Watch TV shows or movies using streaming TV services (Netflix, Stan, ABC, Channels 7, 9, 10 etc)

Listen to Music

Listen to any music you like, when you link with services like iTunes or Spotify

Listen to Radio

Hear streaming radio from your favourite channels like ABC & SBS News Radio

News & Social Media

Keep up with what the grandkids are doing on Facebook, or read the news

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Available At The Following Locations​

We currently provide Fibre Up services at the following villages but we are constantly extending our network. Please check with us if we can connect your home as well.