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Tech Tip of the Month – IT Vocabulary You Should Know

With internet usage comes a laundry list of new words to add to your vocabulary. We’ve put together a handy printable glossary for you to print out and put on the fridge! We’ve included a few essential terms that can help you learn to use your computer more quickly and start speaking and understanding the lingo like an internet expert.

Domain: The address of a website equivalent to a physical address Types of domain names: 

com – for commercial websites 

edu – for educational institution websites 

gov – for local, state, or federal government-sponsored websites 

org – for organization websites

Downloading: To move data from a different computer to your computer. Data could be videos, images, files and documents. 

Uploading: To move data from your computer to another computer. Data could be anything from images and videos to large files.

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Internet service providers, such as Fibre Up, Optus, Telstra and more, provide internet access to homes and businesses for a monthly fee. 

ISPs offer a variety of internet connection types from cable to DSL and fiber optic. 

Modem: A device that connects your home network to the internet. 

Router: A device used in conjunction with your modem that allows you and other users in your home to wirelessly connect multiple devices to your home internet connection. 

Search engine: A webpage, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, used specifically for searching the internet for information. 

Wi-Fi: A way of connecting to the internet wirelessly, similar to the technology used in cellphones.

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